MDW200-1800 Gravimetric Blenders

MDW 200-1800 range of Gravimetric Blenders can dose and weigh up to 8 granule materials and can be supplied with 2 up to 8 modular dosing stations of various capacity, equipped with slide gate or screw.  The stations can be added at subsequent times, in line with the production requirements.

The blenders can be combined with injection and blow moulding machines, and extruders, covering productions from 200 kg/hr up to a maximum of 1800 kg/hr.

They are equipped with a powerful microprocessor control, with high execution speed and available with a basic operator interface keyboard or the Premium keyboard with 8.5” touch screen panel.


For Technical Data on the MDW200-1800 range, see pdf brochure below.

MDW200-1800 Gravimetric Blenders