Big Bag filling frame with bag stretching system

This advanced bag filling frame from Beccaria offers many advantages over a standard bag filling frame.

Pneumatically operated bag stretching system

Whilst the bag is being filled the bag is raised and lowered using the pneumatically operated lifting ring. This action settles the material in the bag and creates even tension in the fabric of the bag. This gives the following benefits.

  • More material can fit inside each bag, so fewer bags are required.
  • The resulting bag is well balanced and stable reducing the risk that the bag can fall over in transit which could result in rejected loads or injury.
  • The resulting smooth bags are more aesthetically pleasing.

Load cells mounted on top of frame

Traditionally load cells have been mounted at ground level, this new design of frame relocates the load cells above the frame.

  • Less chance of load cell damage from impacts from fork lift trucks etc.
  • Lifting action of bag stretching system has no impact on weighing.
  • Only the bag carrier is mounted on the load cells, so other accesories can be mounted to the main frame without affecting the weighing.

Safe Ergonomic design

Well thought out design makes operation easy and safe for the operators.

  • Stairs and catwalk with handrail for easy access
  • Hooks for big bag attachment
  • Special bag clamp means the neck of the bag can be clamped using just one hand, whilst holding the bag in position with your other hand.


Video below shows prototype frame in testing.

Beccaria big bag lifting frame