Hopper Magnet GML/GMT



This type of permanent magnetic grid magnets is mainly used in the plastic industry for the thorough separation of ferrous particles.  By passing the material over the grid, magnetic contaminants are attracted and removed from the bulk material.

Low initial costs are offset by a significant increase of product purity, product quality and the reduction of cost intensive repair works. S+S provides a life-time magnetic performance on the magnetic materials if used under normal circumstances.


GMT Double row design ensures the best possible separation result with this type of magnet.  An angled frame construction allows the easy installation into the hopper loader so that all areas are covered with magnetic flux. 

GML Single row magnets offer less protection, but can be more suitable with products which are prone to bridging (eg flake). GML magnets are available either round or square to suit the machine hopper.

All Hopper Magnets GML and GMT are manufactured by using a fully stabilized ferrite magnetic material. The protection of the magnetic cores by thin walled Stainless Steel tubes creates some very important advantages:

  • Good magnetic field strength
  • Protection of magnetic cores
  • Easy of cleaning




GMT-GML Data Sheet

GMT-GML Brochure