Rotating Drum Mixers

Beccaria rotating horizontal mixers provide a quick and efficient method of mixing granules or powders. They are particularly suitable where the density of the materials being mixed differs greatly, or when very small percentages (pigments, additives) need to be added.

The BROV range of mixers range in size from 550 - 20,000 litres (special sizes on request).

* Loading hopper with manual sluice gate and unloading sack-mouth.
* Inspection manhole.
* Motor soft-start.
* Horizontal screw for loading and unloading.
* Safety guard with interlocks.
* Electrical control panel with pedal control.

    * Spray bar inside for the addition of liquids.
    * Manufactured in stainless steel INOX AISI 304 or 316.
    * Loading screw conveyor with hopper and hood for powders containment.

Manufactured in compliance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

Rotating Drum Mixer