Dual gauge filters from K-Tech help to keep your TCU (mould heater) circuit clean.  Simply check the gauges to know when the filter requires cleaning.  Clean mould heaters save premature part wear and free up valuable maintenance time. 

Contamination and debris from hoses, moulds & fittings etc can enter the unit and cause problems with the following parts;

  • Solenoid valves
  • Expansion & safety valves
  • Check valves
  • Flow meters
  • Level switches
  • Heating elements  


You can fit K-Tech filters to the process circuit inlet in order to help prevent contamination from entering the unit and causing the above potential problems. 


  • Dual pressure gauges (shows when cleaning is required)
  • 100 micron filter (fine enough to remove most contaminants)
  • Large filter area (maximise cleaning intervals)
  • Flush valve (simple flush out without tools, 90°C max)


Thermal Oil Filters

Thermal oil filter version is also now available in order to protect your temperature controllers from contamination. 

Cooling Water Filters

These water filters below are ideal for the primary circuit, however they can be used to filter incoming mains / chilled water supplies too.


Technical Data:

Connection Strainer Part Number Max Temp Gauge range  Max Pressure Medium
½" 100 µm RS352-064344 160°C  0-10 bar 16 bar Water
1" 100 µm RS352-100006 160°C  0-10 bar 16 bar Water
1 ½" 100 µm RS352-100005 160°C  0-10 bar 16 bar Water
 M30 x 2  100 µm  RS352-100019 350°C  0-10 bar 20 bar  Oil