Fountain Blender / Mixer With Integrated Drying

The TV/E Series fountain Blender with integrated drying function is available in sizes ranging from 500 - 3500 litres and is idea for drying plastic material such as dusty regrind, or flakes where it can be impossible to generate an air flow through the material using a conventional polymer dryer.  The TV/E is manufactured in carbon steel, whilst the TX/E is manufactured in stainless steel.

The unit comprised the following elements;

VERTICAL MIXER with hopper and lid, access door on the cylinder and the inner tube. There is a perforated air diffuser at the base of the mixer tube and in addition the spiral is peforated to assist with air flow.

HOSE CONNECTION between the air generator and mixer.

HOT AIR GENERATOR mounted in a separate metal cabinet (min. mm. 900 x 900 x h.1800 - max mm. 11000 x 1100 x h.2400) with heating elements and blower.


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TVE Fountain Blender with Integrated Drying