Fountain Blenders / Vertical Mixers / Mixing Silos / Live bins

Fountain Blenders are also referred to as Vertical Mixers or Mixing Silos. These batch mixers are ideal for mixing large quantities of material quickly and efficiently.

Applications include:

Plastics: The addition of regrind, masterbatch, pigments and other additives to plastic granules or powder to form a homogeneous mix.

Horticulture: Blending of seed mixes such as grass seeds, meadow seed mixes, seed mixes for pollinators such as bees, seed mixes which will provide food for birds in winter.

Animal feed: Blending of cereals, seeds, pulses, and legums for animals feed.

The blenders are available in either carbon steel or in stainless steel with capacities from 1800 to 100,000 litres as standard and larger units can be made to order.

Theses mixers can also be used as live bins to continually agitate materials which have a tendancy to hang up or bridge in standard storage bins.

Larger fountain blenders can be located outdoors freeing up valuable internal building space. See out TMO and TMXO models.

These Italian manufactured units are CE marked and built to comply with European Saftey Standards.

Fast delivery, standard units are normally ready to ship in 30 - 40 days.

Standard equipment:

Hopper for loading pellets or additives
Loading hopper.

Standard Access Door
Access door.

Standard Control Panel
Control panel.

Standard Colours
Standard colours are Green RAL 6011 or Grey RAL 7035.

Popular Options:

Optional Larger Access Door

Larger door on cylindrical section cone and door on screw sleeve. Recommended if regular cleaning is required.

Optional cover for Lower Feeding Hopper
Cover for loading hopper.

Auger System for feeding material into mixer
Auger System for feeding material into mixer from big bags & IBCs

High Level Discharge Pipe
High level discharge pipe for big-bag filling. (Empties mixer right to the bottom)

Frame for Filling Big Bags on Load Cells
Frame for filling big bags with load cell weighing.

Can't see exactly what you want? Please call, we can make mixers to order.

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