Big Bag Filling Frames

Beccaria manufature a variety of frames for filling big bags

Type 1


  • Manufatured in Carbon Steel
  • Standard paint colour RAL 7035
  • Support for big bag with adjustable height to accomadate different bag sizes
  • Beccaria SpeedGrip System for securing the big bag to the filling pipe. Allows single handed securing of the bag neck. (see video)
  • Integrated ladder (can be fitted to either side)
  • Pallet remains directly on the floor so pallet can be removed using pallet truck.

Type 2

Features in addition to those included in the Type 1 frame:

  • Metal based plate to support the Pallet mounted on four load cells.
  • Electronic control panel for.
  • Electronic digital programmer for weight display.


Big bag filling & Discharge Frames