GE Series Economy Granulator

Typical Applications

  • Sprues
  • On-line scrap
  • Small lumps
  • Waste paper
  • Pipes & profiles
  • Film
  • Post consumer waste


The GE Series Economy granulator has a high efficiency double-scissor cutting action rotor. The GE500 is available has a 500mm diameter rotor and is available with a variety of rotor configurations in widths from 500 to 2000mm.

The fully welded cutting chamber and the V-shaped rotor design make it suitable for processing a wide variety of materials efficiently and reliably. The GE 500 has a manual or hydraulic cutting chamber opening system depending on the exact specification of the machine. It is easy to open for cleaning & maintenance. The hopper is soundproofed using the latest soundproofed materials.


  • Safety is Enma's highest priority & this unit complies the latest best practice.
  • V-Type cutting configuration retains the advantages of he original cross-cut technology, but also has other advantages. The cutting point is only at the point where the blades cross, not across the length of the blade. This lowers noise, reduces dust, and saves energy. The V-Shape also drives material towards the centre of the rotor which reduces wear on the sides of the cutting chamber and reduces frictional heat.
  • The standard GE series includes a conveyor and blower and cyclone within the price.

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