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Drawer Magnet for Fountain Blender

Drawer Magnet For Fountain Blender

Easy-clean drawer magnet for use with infeed hopper with Beccaria Fountain Blender. Rare earth magnets 9000 Gauss encased in 316 Stainless Steel tu...

Eclipse - Double Row Auto-Shuttle Unit

Eclipse - Double Row Auto-shuttle Unit

Ex-Demo stock Eclipse - Double Row Auto-Shuttle Unit Overall unit size 1,000mm Long x 378mm Deep x 400mm Tall. -Inlet/Outlet 150mm Ø...

Hopper Magnet GML/GMT

Hopper Magnet Gml/gmt

  Application This type of permanent magnetic grid magnets is mainly used in the plastic industry for the thorough separation of ferrous pa...

Inline Magnet for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Inline Magnet For Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The Pneumag metal seperator can be installed in positive pressure or vacuum conveying systems, it provides effective removeal of ferrous metal contami...

Protector metal separator for slow moving material column

Protector Metal Separator For Slow Moving Material Column

The PROTECTOR metal separator is installed directly above the material in-feed of an extruder, injection moulding or blow moulding machine. Other feat...

Throat Mounted Drawer Magnet

Throat Mounted Drawer Magnet

  Application The in-line magnet EXTRACTOR has been developed especially for applications in the plastic industry.  Various granulates w...