Vertical Mixer for Animal Feed & Cereals

The Beccaria TM & TMX series mixers are ideal for mixing cereals, birdseed, animal feed, & other seeds such as grass & wildflowers. These vertical mixers sometimes referred to as fountain blenders are an inexpensive and and efficient method of mixing large quantities of material designed to suit the requirements of the Agricultural Industry.

These Italian manufactured units are CE marked and built to comply with European Saftey Standards.

Principle of operation

Material is fed into the mixer via the loading hopper. The loading hopper is positioned above the floor on the TM series vertical mixer. This is ideal for filling the mixer using 25 kg sacks or similar.  The TM vertical mixer can be has the loading hopper set into the floor which makes it simple to fill the mixer from tipped grain for example.

Once the desired ingredients have been loaded into the mixer a vertical auger inside the fountain blender transports the material from the base of the hopper and allows it to spray out in the top section of the mixer. Mixing is rapid, typically taking from 20-40 minutes depending on the size of the mixer and the type of ingredients being blended.

Once mixed the blended material can be discharged from the lower outlet into sacks or other containers.


  • Safety Interlocks complying with the latest regulations.
  • Robust construction
  • EFF1 high efficiency motor.
  • Recycling mouth to control mixing degree.
  • Lower outlet for filling sack & containers.

Can't see exactly what you want?  Please call, we can make mixers to order.

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