Throat Mounted Drawer Magnet


The in-line magnet EXTRACTOR has been developed especially for applications in the plastic industry.  Various granulates with grain sizes up to 6 mm and temperatures up to 80° C in slow flowing gravity fed lines can be separated.  By mounting this equipment directly on top of the inlet of the machinery ferrous contamination will be attracted shortly before the granulate is processed.  The construction of the housing hinders the material to find sanctuary for deposition (important when colour or material should be changed).  A compact and sturdy design as well as the customised fittings ease for a subsequent installation.  Even dynamic loads of 500 kg can be carried with such magnetic systems (shear action max. 50kg). 


Performance Characteristics
The EXTRACTOR is equipped with 2 respectively 3 magnetic rods constructed using high energy rare earth neodymium material.  A very strong Gauss reading on the tube surface ensures that ferromagnetic particles are separated reliable and therefore expensive repair work and machine down-time is brought to a minimum.  By means of the EASY CLEAN facility the contaminated rods can be cleaned very quick and effective.  All separated particles can be collected for analysis.  A convertible centre ring allows to supply the EXTRACTOR with all inlet sizes up to ∅100 mm without changing the design of the housing.

Drawer Maget Technical Data Sheet

Extractor Dimensions