Single Shaft Shredders

C400 & C600 Series Large Single Shaft Shredder

C400 & C600 Series Large Single Shaft Shredder

Overview The C400 & 600 Series Shredder has a large internal volume. The latest generation of ENMA's hydraulic pusher systems creates about...

ENMA C300 Series Shredder

Enma C300 Series Shredder

The C300 series shredder has a tangential in-feed which eliminates the need for a hydraulic feeding system. The compact foot print and easy installati...

Enma EMS Medium-Sized Single Shaft Shredder

Enma Ems Medium-sized Single Shaft Shredder

Overview The EMS series shredders have a single shaft design with a powerful two speed swing arm design. This eliminates the risk of jamming and we...

EPS Series Shredder for Large Diameter Pipe

Eps Series Shredder For Large Diameter Pipe

Enma's EPS Shredder is the world's first granulator able to handle pipes up to 1200mm diameter without the need for pre-cutting. This machine...

Two-in-One Shredder-Granulator

Two-in-one Shredder-granulator

Advantages of this combined solution Lower investment No conveyor required between shredder & granulator Lower noise Space saving Si...