CH Series ~ Air Cooled Chillers

The CH Series Air Cooled Chillers have cooling capacities from 6.6 to 57 kW (5,700 to 49,000 kcal/h).  They are ideal for cooling moulds, hydraulic oil of injection and blow moulding machines, extruders, thermoforming machines, moulds, calanders and rolls, etc.  They are also suitable for use with machine tools and for many other applications where accurate cooling is required.

All units have built-in water tanks and high performance circulating pumps and can operate in ambient conditions up to 40°C.

The CH chillers are reliable and versatile, easy to install and ready for use.

> Scroll compressors
> R407C refrigerant
> Polyester painted galvanised frame
> High and low pressure switches
> High and low pressure gauges
> Thermostatic expansion valve
> Finned copper tube condenser
> Washable metal filters to protect the air-cooled condensers
> Brazed plate type evaporator
> Anti-freeze temperature switch
> Internal hot-deep galvanised water tanks
> High performance stainless steel water pumps
> Water pressure safety switch
> Water by-pass valve
> Microprocessor control
> Alarm output and remote control facility
> Automatic fill, backup and air relief kit

> outdoor installation versions
> stainless steel tank
> high pressure stainless steel pump
> automatic water by-pass valve
> hot gas by-pass for extremely precise water temperature
> mechanical water filter

CH Series Air Cooled Chillers