CA Series ~ Air Cooled Chillers

The CA Series Air Cooled Chillers have a cooling capacity from 70 to 238 kW and provide low water temperatures independent from ambient temperatures of 20°C up to +46°C.  This range has been specifically designed for application in all the sectors of the plastics industry.

> Uses R407C refrigerant
> Scroll compressors, significantly reducing energy consumption and noise levels
> Stainless steel brazed-plate evaporator for a highly efficient heat exchange
> Internal water circulation pump for optimal flow (optional)
> Internal galvanized and insulated tank for temperature stability and energy saving
> Various safety devices including high & low pressure switches, high & low pressure gauges, metal filters on condensers and flow switch
> Reliable and sophisticated microprocessor control; it displays key water temperature visualisation and alarms in a simple format
> Ideal for both internal and external installations
> Simplified on-site positioning with facilitated and quick start-up operations

> a version for operating at ambient temperature down to -20°C (variable speed fans with inverter, remote control, electric cabinet heater, heater on the evaporator and forced operation of the pump for anti-freeze protection).
> centrifugal condenser fans to permit air ducting for heat recovery during winter
> stainless steel version for water pump and tank

CA Series Air Cooled Chillers