Electric Muffle Furnace

The LY range of muffle furnaces can be used for the aging test of electronic components or polymers. These versatlie furnaces are also suitable for iron preheating, quenching, burning, stewing, annealing, ash tests, and other high temperature experiments.

There are a range of sizes available depending on your application.



Inner size

WxHxD (cm)

External size

WxHxD (cm)

Temperature Range (C) Heat Up Time (min) Accuracy Power Supply



LY-612 12x8x20 48x65x56


Higher or lower by special order.


~ 50 min

+/- 1 240V Single-Phase or 415V Three-phase 3
LY-625 25x16x40 65x74x79 +/- 1 9
LY-630 30x20x50 69x81x88 +/- 1 12
LY-640 40x40x60 80x95x80 +/- 1 16

Larger sizes available on request.

A range of accessories are also available.

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