It's official. Piovan Dryers use the least energy!

It's official. Piovan Dryers use the least energy!

Italian auxiliary equipment specialist Piovan appointed TÜV Italia, an independent certification body to test the energy savings made possible by a Piovan Genesys drying system, which is installed at the premises of a European beverage manufacturer.


The energy utilisation measured was 69.2 W/kg/h, as verified by TÜV (Test report no. 204325), after 7 months of operation of the system in question.  This is the lowest value ever measured to date, showing how energy costs can be reduced by 50% with respect to PET drying systems.


The TÜV specialists performed the test on a Genesys GP55 dryer, coupled with a 4500 litre hopper and operating with a process air temperature of 175°C.


The type of material processed is a PET resin with a high intrinsic viscosity (IV 0.8 dl/g), which is commonly used for the production of beverage bottles.


Piovan has focused its resources more and more on developing a range of products that offer a significant and financially quantifiable level of energy savings.