Water Cooled Chillers

CW Series ~ Water Cooled Chillers

Cw Series ~ Water Cooled Chillers

The CW Water Cooled Chillers have a cooling capacity of 74 to 460 kW and provides low temperature water independently from any ambient condition....

DT Series ~ Digitemp Thermo-Refrigerators

Dt Series ~ Digitemp Thermo-refrigerators

The new Piovan DT Digitemp Thermo-Refrigerators have the function to heat and cool the process circuit of injection and blow moulding machines.&n...

EcoSmart Series Air or Water Cooled or Remote Air Condensed Chillers

Ecosmart Series Air Or Water Cooled Or Remote Air Condensed Chillers

Piovan launches EcoSmart energy-efficient refrigeration systems.  Three series are available CA Series Air-Cooled, CW Series Condensed Water and...