Volumetric Dosing & Blending

MDP Series ~ Volumetric Dosers

Mdp Series ~ Volumetric Dosers

The MDP Series are single or double-station volumetric dosing units, with a throughput ranging from 0.005 up to 150 kg/hr.   They have be...

MDP300 Volumetric Doser

Mdp300 Volumetric Doser

The MDP300 Volumetric Dosing Unit doses simultaneously up to a maximum of 4 components (virgin, regrind, additives, and masterbatch) by means of pneum...

VP Proportioning Valve

Vp Proportioning Valve

The VP electro-pneumatic Proportioning Valve conveys virgin and regrind material.  It is the simple solution for recycling regrind and ha...