Special Applications

Fountain Blender / Mixer With Integrated Drying

Fountain Blender / Mixer With Integrated Drying

The TV/E Series fountain Blender with integrated drying function is available in sizes ranging from 500 - 3500 litres and is idea for drying plastic m...

Piovan - Crystaliser for P E T

Piovan - Crystaliser For P E T

Piovan Crystalisers are suitable for virgin PET or PET regrind including flakes. These units are constructed from stainless steel with sizes availab...

Piovan A A Analyzer in P E T

Piovan A A Analyzer In P E T

The measurement of the Acetaldehyde (AA) content in PET is a key acceptance test with major bottling companies. AA content in preforms gives an indica...

RPA Series ~ Mould Dryers

Rpa Series ~ Mould Dryers

RPA Series Mould Dryers generate dehumidified airflow with a dew point of up to –15°C and prevent the formation of condensation in the mould...