S Series ~ Single Phase Hopper Loaders

S Series single phase hopper loaders have an integrated vacuum motor, can convey up to 200 kg/h of granular material and are capable of conveying distances of up to 20 m.

The S series loaders feature a new easy to use control which allows access to all the functions of the loader.

The control includes the following advanced features;

  • RS485 serial communication port (modbus protocol)
  • Soft start function (reduces the risk of motor damage and brush wear)
  • Alarm to indicate when the brushes need changing


> no risk of material contamination due to corrosion as the granule receivers are manufactured entirely in polished stainless steel, with components and welds finished to a high standard.
> no granule stagnation, as the design ensures uniform flow of the granules.
> hermetic lid and sealing gives maximum performance at every loading cycle.
> automatic stop after a pre-selectable number of unsuccessful loading cycles.
> ease of cleaning, with access from the lid or from the inspection door.
> suitable for all production demands;  with different types of filters according to the material used and also the possibility to work in a wide range of temperatures.



Voltage/Frequency   V/Hz 230/50-60
Motor power W 1000
Volume  dm3 1.5 5 10
Static vacuum kPa 21
Maximum noise level dB(A) 83
Dimension A mm 40 40 40
Dimension B mm 185 280 280
Dimension C mm 450 595 680
Dimension D mm 245 310 310
Weight kg 9 11.5 12


If you require a higher throughput or if for poorly flowing or dusty materials, consider our three-phase hopper loaders.

single and three phase hopper loaders