RPA Series ~ Mould Dryers

RPA Series Mould Dryers generate dehumidified airflow with a dew point of up to –15°C and prevent the formation of condensation in the mould area.  With a processing range from 400 up to 2500 m3/hr they can work with one or more production machines both in closed and open circuit mode.

> high efficiency desiccant wheel entraping the moisture and ensuring constant dry airflow
> equipped with PID microprocessor control
> designed for ambient temperature up to 45°C and operate with high humidity degree (up to 90%)
> process filters are easily accessible and filter cleaning is quick and simple
> ready for operation and require no setting or adjustment
> very low maintenance

The mould dryers provide dehumidified air to small, medium and large moulds and are ideally suited for;
> mould enclosures of fast-cycle IMM’s
> mould enclosures of blow moulding machines
> mould enclosures and robot area of PET IMM’s

RPA Series Mould Dryers