The Omatic is an ingenious new device for emptying either bulk bags or Octoboxes. The problem when evacuating Octabins and big bags by means of conventional suction lances, is that the flow of material can be interrupted, resulting in machines possibly running out of material and the associated loss of production.

Conveying can only be resumed once the suction lance has been manually repositioned. This poses a particular problem when there is not much bulk material remaining in the container. In this case, the operator may be forced to guide the suction lance for a prolonged time to evacuate the bag completely.
The Solution - Instead of a suction lance, the HELIOS OMATIC® is equipped with a stainless steel suction head with integrated vibration device. This loosens up the bulk material and causes it to flow. At the same time, the bag lifting device pulls the film inlet of the Octabin or the circumferential wall of the big bag upwards and inwards. With decreasing filling level, this causes the bulk material to flow from the outside towards evacuation point at the centre. Depending on the adjusted suction power, the film inlet or big bag is lifted up from the floor when a certain residual material weight is reached.

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Omatic Octabin & big-bag handing device