MDP Series ~ Volumetric Dosers

The MDP Series are single or double-station volumetric dosing units, with a throughput ranging from 0.005 up to 150 kg/hr.  

They have been designed to dose masterbatch, additives and regrind into the plastification screw and are ideally suited for applications in the injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion sectors.

> transparent hopper dedicated to masterbatch, with a capacity of 2 dm3;
> aluminium central block
> stepping motor which detects the fractions of revolution
> electronic control keypad, which can be used for interacting with more than one unit.  (In the double station configuration, the MDP 2 doser is equipped with a more advanced control that allows total communication with the machine).

> stainless steel central hopper, with a capacity of 12 dm3
> insulated stainless steel central hopper, with a capacity of 2 dm3
> compressed air hopper loader for masterbatch, for a distance of 3m maximum and entirely managed by the doser’s control (to which level sensor is also required)
> pneumatic mixer, which can be easily connected to the machine body
> level sensor for the hopper dedicated to masterbatch
> visual/acoustic alarm

The MDP 2 model has a wide range of components available and meets any dosing requirements.  It is supplied with single or double station;  the second station can be easily added at a further step.

> non insulated hoppers with a volume of 7, 12 or 20 dm3
> inclined stations, for uniform and constant dosing flow
> screws of various dimensions
> brushless motor

> non-insulated central hopper with a capacity of 3 or 20 dm3
> insulated central hopper with a volume of 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 dm3
> dynamic mixer
> minimum level sensor
> level sensor for activating the regrind function
> visual/acoustic alarm

MDP Volumetric Dosers