HR300 Dehumidifying Dryer

The HR300 Dehumidifying Dryer is ideally suited for the treatment of hygroscopic polymers with average throughputs.  The technology with molecular sieve rotor ensures that the dew point values are kept with absolute constancy between -20°C and -50°C and with no fluctuation.

The dryer operates in temperatures of between 75°C and 150°C, provides an airflow of 300 m3/hr and can be used in combination with drying hoppers with a capacity ranging from 200 to 800 litres.

The dryer is available in the MT version for temperatures up to 150°C and in the HT version (equipped with pre-cooler device) for temperatures up to 200°C.  In the case of working temperatures <75°C or >150°C it is available with an optional post-cooler.

> molecular sieve rotor
> high pressure side channel blowers
> filtration system for the blowers
> stainless steel heating chambers
> microprocessor control with alpha-numeric and multi-language display
> temperature-controlled regeneration
> electronic PID controller
> solid state relays (SSR) for the process heaters control
> process air temperature safety control
> automatic set of the process air safety temperature
> warnings for the correct operation of the coolers

> serial interface MODBUS RS 485
> serial interface PROFIBUS
> visual-acoustical alarm
> timer (daily/weekly/annual on-off switch)
> dew point indication with alarm
> post-cooler
> pressure switch to warn of filter clogging

HR300 Dryer