G - ESN Series ~ Hot Air Dryers

The G and ESN Series Hot Air Dryers are used to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic thermoplastic materials and are suitable for all application fields.

On the G series the heater, blower and control gear are fixed on the side of a drying hopper to form a single drying unit. The drying air is exhausted into the atmosphere or, in the G35 model, part of it can be reintegrated with ambient air in order to reduce energy consumption.

They are equipped (as standard) with a cooling stop function to prevent thermal degradation of material inside the hopper.  The PID microprocessor controls the air temperature up to 140°C.

The ESN series have been developed for applications involving high rates of
material consumption.

The ESN hot air generator is a separate unit, connected to the insulated drying hopper by using special high temperature flexible or rigid pipes. The hot air dryer and hopper (capacities available from 10 - 3000 dm3) are usually floor-positioned and can serve one or more processing machines. The temperature control is performed by an electronic thermostat and a safety thermostat is available as an option.

G-ESN Series Hot Air Dryers