Financial Benefits ~ Central Vacuum Conveying Systems

Financial Benefits

"Return on investment can take as little as one year"


Material Savings 
Our customers generally experience at least a 1-2% saving in raw materials costs as a result of reduced spillage and contamination. This typically equates in monetary terms to £40,000 / year based on 20 moulding machines using 25 kg/hr each at £1 / kg of polymer.


A centralised system uses approximately 80% less power than a machine dedicated standalone system.  On a 15 machine system, this can save your company up to £6,000 in electricity costs alone.

Reduced Materials Handling Labour
Many of our customers who have installed a centralised materials handling system have been able to dedicate only one person per shift for handling raw materials.


Centralised materials systems require less maintenance than standalone units, and cost less to service.


Additional Benefits

  • As a consequence of reduced material spillage, the factory is a much safer place to be for personnel, and helps you to comply with repetitive lifting legislation
  • Automated material feed systems reduce non added value operations and improve moulding efficiency
  • A centralised material feed system releases factory floor space for additional moulding machines and results in the factory appearing much tidier
  • Reduces the need for fork lifts to operate on the shop floor, thereby making a safer working envirnment and reducing health & safety issues