EcoSmart Series Air or Water Cooled or Remote Air Condensed Chillers

Piovan launches EcoSmart energy-efficient refrigeration systems.  Three series are available CA Series Air-Cooled, CW Series Condensed Water and CR Series Evaporating units.  Models are available from 150 to 900 kW featuring inverter speed control of the compressor to maximise energy efficiency.
The COP of the chiller (efficiency index) indicates the ratio of the heat energy the chiller removes from a process to the electrical energy consumed.  The new EcoSmart chillers have a higher COP than most competing products on the market.  EcoSmart chillers have a COP of 9.43 compared to 4.31 for most standard chillers.  Under a partial load of 50%, the COP of a standard chiller would drop to 3.9 or less, but with EcoSmart it would rise to over 10 making the performance of EcoSmart more than twice as good using less than half the electricity.
These results have been achieved due to the structural and functional characteristics of the machines; i.e the screw compressor which is driven by a frequency converter coupled to the same compressor.  In addition, the fan speed is adjusted continuously.
This exceptional efficiency is possible due to the generously sized evaporator and condenser; designed to maintain a high heat transfer rate whilst working with partial loads.  An electronic expansion valve limits the pressure difference between the coolant inlet and outlet and performs a thorough inspection of the rolling phase with precise control and constant evaporation.

EcoSmart Chillers