DP640 & DP644 Desiccant Dryers

The DP640 and DP644 models provide 1000 m3/h and 1400 m3/h of dried air respectively.  The DP640 is designed to work within a production range from 450 to 600 kg/hr and the DP644 from 600 to 800 kg/hr, in the injection moulding, extrusion and PET preform fields.  The whole drying system works in closed loop so as to guarantee a process independent from the environmental conditions, with a dew point of -50°C or lower.

They can be used in different production processes and can also treat materials with particular characteristics, such as PET and PETG.

They can be combined with one or multiple drying hoppers (PTU version), with a maximum volume of 3000 litres (or the DP640) and of 4500 litres (for the DP644).  The single-hopper configuration allows for the centralised management of all the functions in the dryer, while the PTU versions are equipped with an independent control for every single drying hopper to set the correct process temperature according to the material to be processed.

> two stainless steel desiccant beds
> stainless steel heating chambers
> high pressure side channel blowers
> blower and molecular sieve filtration system
> PID microprocessor control
> temperature-controlled regeneration
> solid state relays (SSR) for the process heater control
> independent process air temperature safety control
> automatic setting of the safety temperature of the process air
> warnings for the correct functioning of the coolers

DP640 & DP644 Desiccant Dryers