DP604 - DP615 Dehumidifying Dryers

The DP604 - DP615 Dryer Series is suitable for the treatment of hygroscopic polymers for medium productions. They are modular and compact, capable of operating up to 200°C in the HT version (High Temperature) and able to ensure a constant drying process with effective airflow from 50 to 150 m3/hr and dew point values lower than –45°C.

They can be combined with one or more drying hoppers with a capacity ranging from 30 to 400 dm3 and are suitable for individual or multiple hopper assemblies for dedicated or centralised drying solutions.

 > two desiccant beds
> stainless steel desiccant beds
> high pressure lateral channel blowers
> blowers and molecular sieves filtration system
> PID microprocessor control
> temperature-controlled regeneration
> solid state relays (SSR) for the process heaters control
> completely independent process air temperature safety control (temperature probe, power control and contactor)
> automatic set-up of the process air safety temperature
> warnings for the operation of the coolers
> simple and complete operator interface

DP604-615 Dehumidifying Dryers