Choosing the right supplier

Supplier selection

Selecting an automated materials handling system can be amongst the most demanding challenges plant engineers have to face. Unlike other major purchases such as injection machines or moulds, engineers may have little experience of automated materials handling and the “once off” nature of the purchase can prove a demanding responsibility.

The purchasing decision regarding a centralised materials feed system is much more complex than that for a processing machine. If you were to purchase a poor processing machine, then your problems are local to that machine. If you purchase a poor materials handling system your problems are plant wide. Equally, to convey material from the side of the machine is relatively simple and, should you have any problems, your production will not be seriously affected. However, to convey material from a central area using a common vacuum source is much more complex and will seriously affect your production should the system prove to be unreliable. 

We are Europe’s largest supplier of complex centralised material feed systems. We have earned our reputation by supplying equipment which is extremely reliable and which satisfies all worldwide manufacturing standards.
At Piovan we fully understand these challenges and accept our role to ensure that you, our customer, are correctly advised when choosing a system. Inevitably, your company grows and diversifies, so must the materials handling system. Piovan systems are flexible and adaptable so that equipment purchased today is suitable for use in some reconfigured form in the future.

Piovan world-wide

Piovan UK is part of the Piovan world-wide group, a privately owned organisation, which puts us apart from many ancillary suppliers who operate on a distribution basis. Our strength is in belonging to a financially sound group, with de-centralised companies working closely with customers.